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The Auslan Tuition System

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The Tutorial Program

The main features in the tutorial program include:

Easy to use interface

The interface of the Auslan Tution System can be completed controlled by mouse clicking. Navigation through the system is also straight forward via a series of graphical menus.

Tutorial Main Menu

3D avatar model for signing

The Auslan Tuition System uses a 3D model of an avatar for displaying the Auslan signs.  This avatar can be rotated during signing, giving the user full 360 degrees of viewing.

3D Avatar

3D avatar model shows emotion

The 3D avatar also displays emotions and facial expressions (which can be altered) during signing an Auslan phrase. This provides the user with a sense of how facial expressions are incorporated into Auslan.

Expressions and Emotions of the Avatar

Tutorial Mode

The tutorial mode of the Auslan Tuition System is where the user is shown a variety of different Auslan phrases. This is the main mode for learing Auslan.

Tutorial - Welcome

Finger Spelling Mode

This mode is used for teaching the user how to finger spell. There may be occasions where there is no direct translation for an English word to Auslan. In these cases, finger spelling is used to manually represent English.

Finger Spelling Mode

Numbers Mode

This mode is where the concept of signing numbers is shown to the user.

Numbers Mode

Dialogue Mode

The mode contains two avatars signing a conversation. This mode shows sign phrases (from the tutorial mode) in context through two-persons converstaion.

Dialogue Mode

Over 60 sign phrases to learn

The tuition system currently contains over 60 different phrases. These phrases are categorised into Greetings, Family, Food, Common Questions, Conversation, and Feelings.

Random Quiz tests

Quiz tests can be given in each of the phrase categories in the Tutorial Mode. These quizes are randomly generated, so each time the quiz will be different. The quizs provide a good way to consolidate the learning of Auslan phrases.

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