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The Sign Editor Progam

The main features in the sign editor program include:

Create your own avatar poses

With the Auslan Sign Editor, the user can create their own avatar poses.

Created Pose

Create your own avatar handshapes

The user can create intricate handshapes through the sign editor.

Created Handshapes

Create your own sign animations

The sign editor allows the user to combine their own poses and handshapes to create new and unique sign animations.

Create Sign Animation

Contains an in depth tutorial

The sign editor contains a built in tutorial, that guides the user through the process of creating sign animations.

Toggle option of interface hints

The sign editor has an option that can turn on/off hints that are shown in the interface. These hints provide a reminder as to the function of each the control panels on the interface.

Export your animations to images

Any of the sign animations can be exported to a sequence of images. These images can then be compiled (through widely available video software) to create a running movie of that particular sign animation.

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