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The Auslan Tuition System

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Full Version Development halted

Unforuntately, the development of the full version has been suspended indefinitely.
However, the free trial version will continue to be available for download.
We apologize for any disappointment relating to the expectation of the full version. - 07 May 2007.

Registration no longer needed:

The registration system has been scrapped and you can download the available versions
directly via the links below:

Newest Version 1.21 Finally Released!

The previous version of the Auslan Tuition System were known to be incompatible
with graphic cards other that Geforce cards. The Auslan System has now been
extended to be compatible with ATI graphic cards.

Furthermore, the newest version now has a software rendering mode that means
computers without a Geforce and ATI cards can still run the Auslan System.
However, this mode requires a lot more CPU power than with a graphics card,
so it may run noticibly slower in software mode.

We apologize for the delay in the release of this version.

Trial Version:

This trial includes the tutorial program with a basic set of signs from each of the following 6 catergories:
  1. Greetings & Introductory Signs,
  2. Family,
  3. Conversation,
  4. Emotions,
  5. Food, and
  6. Questions.
However, the trial will not include the sign editor.

This version is freely available and can be downloaded after registration. A user manual can be downloaded from the documentation page.

System Requirements:

The Auslan Tuition System should run with:
  • Windows 2000/ME or XP
  • Pentium CPU 500MHz or compatible
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 100 MB free hard disk
  • Geforce 2 (or above) or an equivalent graphics card.


      Before using the Auslan Tuition System, we ask that you read through the disclaimer. Please make sure you agree with the conditions before use.

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