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The Auslan Tuition System

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Full Version Development halted

Unfortunately, the development of the full version has been suspended indefinitely. However, the free trial version will continue to be available for download - 07 May 2007.


This is the home page for the Auslan Tuition System. This system provides an easy-to-use and interactive tutorial for learning the basics in communicating in the Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

The Auslan Tuition System is developed by the automatic sign language translation group at the School of Computer Science & Software Engineering within The University of Western Australia.

The Auslan Tuition System Components:

The Auslan Tuition System is made up of two major components:
  1. The Tutorial Program - which provides the front end displaying of Auslan Signs. The is the main program used for learning Auslan.
  2. The Sign Editor Program - which provides an editor for creating signs. Since any sign can be constructed, it is possible to use this tuition system for other sign languages besides Auslan.


Below are a couple of screenshots of the Auslan Tuition System.

Tutorial Mode Welcome
Auslan Tutorial Program - Tutorial Mode
Sign Editor

Auslan Sign Editor
Tutorial Dialogue
Auslan Tutorial Program - Dialogue Mode


You can download some movie samples of the Auslan Tuition System in action.
  1. Tutorial Movie.
  2. Finger Spelling Movie.
  3. Numbers Movie.
  4. Dialogue Movie.
  5. Sign Editor Movie 1.
  6. Sign Editor Movie 2.

Free Trial Version:

The free trial version of the Auslan Tuition System is now available.

Learning Auslan:

If you would like to learn more about Auslan click
here. There are courses available to learn Auslan in various locations across Australia.
Please contact your local deaf society for more details.


We would like to thank the Western Australian Deaf Society for their assistance in the development of this system.

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Created by: Jason C. Wong